Jared Jagow has found the back of the net a few times during his provincial run with the Outlook Ice Hawks, but his 22 goals during the regular season with the Rosetown Red Wings are what he has to be most proud of. Every time Jagow scored this past season, a sum of money was added toward the ‘Goals for Gaspers’ overall pot thanks to a large amount of supporters.

Athletes Haven in Rosetown reported the final numbers from the campaign last month, as after all of the matching and other donations, over $2000 was raised for the Gasper Family Foundation. The Athletes Haven portion came out to $286, and combined with the rest of the money everybody was more than impressed at the work done.

In also taking part in the challenge, one of the heaviest supporters was one of Jagow’s own teammates through Judy Johnston Insurance Services in Rosetown. Proud to tag along with the challenge in town, Jordan Johnston took it upon himself to donate $13 for every point he got, and he finished the year with 33 to reward the fund with a nice $429!

In speaking to the lead horse Jagow just recently, he did feel a little bit of pressure during the season.

“They approached me to see if I was comfortable in putting the pressure on myself to score goals so they can donate to the family foundation there,” said Jagow, “I accepted, they got it going, and then people started joining in after that.”

Some more final totals could be coming from the Gasper Family Foundation as we enter the spring, and everyone involved is pretty excited with the chance to replicate the fantastic fundraising efforts seen this year out of Rosetown and around the west central region.