The Rosetown Redwings have another home game left this season, except it won’t be taking place at the banner barn. It will be another special #GoalsForGaspers weekend as the Redwings are set to take on the Dinsmore Dynamos from the newly renovated Elrose uniplex.

The spirit from other teams and towns towards the Redwings efforts to raise money for the Gasper Family Foundation this year has been incredible, and the Town of Elrose has been involved in the process in many aspects, and are actually set to have one local grieving family benefit from a sum of money depending on the 50/50 results as part of this weekends neutral site game. The 50/50 was already planned but the special donation to the family was a late addition to the fundraising slate, that will also feature a free-entry 5-puck shootout, and the Dynamos planning their own #GoalsForGaspers weekend fun.

Puck drop is set for 7:30 pm on Friday night from the sparkling rink atmosphere in Elrose. They put the finishing touches on it back in October, complete with the installation of loonies and a toonie at centre ice. That idea came from the regions Reeve, as it would symbolize the togetherness of the local municipalities. The RM of Monet, the Town of Elrose, and others all helped play a tremendous part.

RM of Monet ReeveChairman of the Elrose Rec Board Robert Ellis puts a loonie at centre ice to signify the contributions made by the RM of Monet for the project

Longtime Redwings player and someone very close to the Gasper family fundraising efforts in Rosetown’s Jared Jagow, was a big proponent in getting a game out to Elrose. He was very impressed with the facility in Elrose, and a few teammates actually reside from the community south of Rosetown, so the team packing their bags for the trip against another nearby team in Dinsmore was a no-brainer.

“They re-did the entire inside of the rink. I was down there with one of my kids and it was looking awesome. We are moving a game down there, because I think there are 4-5 guys off our team from Elrose, so with the facility down there and the support we’ve had from Elrose we figured we would move a game down there.”

The two teams meeting in a middle for a slightly home-favoured crowd should create a nice atmosphere in the new building. Jagow joked that they aren’t quite the biggest spectacle to come to town, in comparison to some high flying junior hockey that relocated to Rosetown for a game earlier in the hockey season. Still Elrose residents should be pumped at the chance to see some senior action, as Jagow recalled when the last time a mens hockey team from the community took the ice.

“I think two or three years ago they folded. So then a couple of those Elrose guys went to Dinsmore to play a couple years, and then with us coming back in the league this year, Dinsmore had a lot of players and they approached us and it worked really good because we were short here.”

They would add the five players as all worked out well in the SVHL, and the season has been a nice return for the Redwings in the stands, even though things haven’t worked out to well on the ice. They took another pair of losses last weekend to move to a 3-12-0 record, but it’s just good to see the senior Redwings back in action.

It’s not like they don’t have anything to play for, as Jagow himself is continuing his year long campaign where every goal he scores provides a donation to the Gasper Family Foundation. His fundraising effort took a bit of a hit when he missed two games recently due to a suspension, but he made sure to make up for it with five goals this past weekend to up his total to 21 in 12 games.

“Missed two games, which probably wasn’t that smart on my behalf, but will hopefully make up for it,” regarded Jagow.

We are now into the final week of the SVHL season. The Redwings will play three games in a row beginning Friday night from Elrose against Dinsmore, with the Dynamos being their Saturday opponent as well, and then a 4:00 pm start from the Jim Kook Centre in Outlook on Sunday will close down the Redwings first regular season back in the league.