On Friday Eston fire department responded to a call for oil tanks on fire near Plato Saskatchewan.  The fire was caused by a lightning strike, which caused the two 750 barrel tanks to burst into a ball of flames.  Eston fire department chief Richard Baran said they responded but due to the extremely wet conditions the road was impassable to get near the location. 

Whitecap resources, who own the tanks, said the blaze was well contained on lease and posed no risk to the public, wildlife or dwellings in the area. Crew were on scene to ensure safety and the fire was allowed to burn out to make sure staff and fire crews were safe from the large blaze.

Whitecap resources has a comprehensive emergency response program to handle unforeseen circumstances like lightning strikes to ensure quick and efficient response to limit damage, and upholding their strict safety protocols.

Burned tanksTanks burned out from fire caused by lightning strike with pumpjack- Jenny Hagan