Hockey arenas in the West Central area can now be nominated to win funds to upgrade the rink through Kraft Hockeyville. 

In 2020, Pense was nominated, eventually being named a finalist. Lumsden was named a finalist last year. 

Saskatchewan finalists in previous years have included LaFleche, Wilcox, Humboldt, Swift Current, and Ituna. 

Both Wilkie and Dinsmore have been nominated in the past, including Wilkie being in the top four in 2019, and getting $25,000. 

Dinsmore 2020 Hockeyville photoDinsmore ran their Hockeyville campaign back in 2020.

The grand prize this year is $250,000 towards upgrades to your local arena and the opportunity for the arena to host a pre-season NHL game. 

There are also three secondary prizes of $25,000 towards arena upgrades. 

You can nominate one of our local arenas by going to and clicking on the “Find My Arena” button.  

Once you’ve found your arena, click the link to the Community Rally page and select “Add a Story” to submit a nomination. You can also add photos and videos of the arena on the Community Rally page. 

Nominations are open until April 3. 

Once nominations close, the arenas will be judged 80 per cent on the story submissions by a panel of judges and 20 per cent on rally points during the judging period from April 4-23.  

Community rinks can score rally points through the Community Rally Pages the following ways: 

  • Nomination stories submitted: 10 points 
  • Shares on Twitter using the share button: 5 points 
  • Photo and videos added to the Rally page: 3 points
  • Notes added: 1 point
  • Emoji reactions to nomination stories, photos and videos: 1 point

The top four communities will be named and voting will run from May 6-7 on the Kraft Hockeyville website to name the Grand Prize winner.