The Town of Wilkie has recently announced their intentions to make another run at the Kraft Hockeyville crown, after respectable finishes back in 2017 and 2019. Kraft Hockeyville is a national contest entering it's 15th year, in which communities compete to demonstrate their commitment to the sport.

Helen Urlacher with the Kraft Hockeyville campaign out of Wilkie, is tired of losing.

"We want to win, bad," explained Helen, "It's all for the community, it's all for the rink. It is just such a dark set of days, and this would help brighten up the spirits in Wilkie, and all over Saskatchewan if we could clinch the Kraft Hockeyville 2021 title."

Anyone interested in helping can reach out on the Wilkie community rally page to post photos, stories, and nominations for the town. The final four of Kraft Hockeyville is determined by a points system, that are awarded based on interactions with the community's hockeyville web-page.

She made it an emphasis that Wilkie needs the west central regions help if they hope to compete.

"Without north and west central Saskatchewan's support, Wilkie will not be able to win this." said Urlacher, "We need all the support, Saskatchewan needs to band together and help us fight and win this competition in 2021."

One thing being done in the community to drum up extra support, is from the mayor himself. Mayor Ziegler is a master carpenter, and is in the process of building a 10ft hockey stick to be displayed prominently in the town.

The committee obviously hopes for a large local presence, but they can count on one outside source. Wilkie will be receiving some help from a past champion, in Renous, New Brunswick. The Tom Donovan Arena beat out Wilkie in 2019, but will be pushing for their past counterparts victory in 2021.

Look for WestCentralOnline to have more on Wilkie's bid to become Kraft Hockeyville.