After collecting toys of all shapes and sizes for their annual Toy Drive, Kinley Hildebrandt and her mother Candis took their toys into the Jim Pattison's Children's Hospital on Monday. Candis explains how much this meant to people at the Children's Hospital. 

“We headed into the city (Saskatoon) and we met one of the recreational therapists and a gentleman from the Jim Pattison’s Children’s Hospital Foundation, dropped all the donations off, and they were super excited with how much we collected,” Candis said. 

As for compared to last year, Candis said they managed to collect even more toys, and she attributed that to the Fill the Ambulance and Kindersley Composite School Toy Drives. 

“Last year we had about four carts, this year we had five carts, plus we had another item that didn't fit on a cart. So, I think this year we did a little bit better. I think having the ambulance day really helped, and as well with the high school helping us collect donations so, we're really thankful for them.” 

Kinley Toy Drive 1Loading up the vehicle with toys on Monday.

Candis and Kinley wanted to personally thank all of the people who donated to this wonderful cause, and are looking forward to do it again next year. 

Kinley Toy drop offKinley Hildebrandt dropping off her toy collection at the Jim Pattison's Children's Hospital on Monday.