Holidays like St. Patrick's day tend to have police on extra lookout for impaired drivers. Thankfully this past week for Sgt. Dereck Crozier and the Biggar RCMP detachment there were no reports fueled by green-drinks, as the latest list featured mostly regular police business. 

"Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all those that wished to celebrate, good to see green drinks didn’t get the better of anybody."

Vehicle calls kicked off the list as Biggar RCMP responded to a collision with a deer on Highway 376 near Arlee, while another two-vehicle collision saw vehicles crashing in an alley in Biggar. Moving off four wheels, an individual operating a snowmobile injured their leg after a snow drift came into the picture while riding near Springwater.

One more specific call came after a vehicle was noticed trespassing at the local business AGI Envirotank during non-business hours. Police tracked down the individual in question in that scenario. A similar solution was seen after a suspicious vehicle in Perdue was reported, and later found to be confirmed as non-suspicious.

Police also detailed some suspicious activity from unknown individuals in the area. First off there were two males reported with flashlights around an unoccupied home in Perdue, and there were also two youth in Biggar found ringing doorbells and running away. A third instance saw police getting reports of snowballs being thrown at a residence, that call garnering a warning for the individual throwing.

Rounding out the list was a dog complaint and neighbour concerns in Duperow, two custody disputes being reported, and also the theft of jewelry by an employee from a moving company. In total there were 60 occurrences reported in the Biggar area over the past week, headlined by police dealing with traffic related incidents. These calls resulted in 17 citations being issued and 15 warnings.

The biggest piece of news from the local detachment was shared on Tuesday, as Biggar RCMP recently opened a pair of arson investigations following two unrelated structure fires in the latest report period. Read more about that in the related stories section below.