UPDATE: June 21st, 2022

Graduation has came and went for many towns in the West Central region this month already, and the next set of celebrations includes Kindersley Composite School this weekend with their grad parade:

KCS Grad Paradevia Kindersley High School on Facebook


Students making their way to the front doors at Kindersley Composite School this morning may have been surprised by the pop up village of tents set up on the school's front lawn.

West Central Online went over to the school grounds this morning to see what all the commotion was about, after the tents started popping up last night.

Dark Night KCSThe grass was full of tents and the school parking lot was full of vehicles after 10 pm last night as Grade 12's settled in for the night

Entering June last week means we are officially into graduation season. Graduating students took the opportunity for a harmless prank as they began to take over the staff parking lot early last night, and pit in for a nice period of relaxation ahead of the start of class for the week.

Some tents were taken down early in the night thanks to the elements. Checking out the scene at the school this morning, we stumbled upon one of the participants in his car. Matt Livingstone talked about how the wind proved too much for his several person tent.

"Little bit of a bad night because it was really windy. I had an 8 man tent and that was kind of like a parachute the way it was falling over."

Tents KCSSome shelter was still in place this morning when students began coming to school

Livingstone shared a little more about the group plan.

"The plan was we were going to set up a bunch of tents on the front lawn, then all park in the staff parking lot and block it off. Just have a fun night, and be here for when they show up in the morning."

The student's setup was completed with a projector that they used to watch a movie, though the elements made the viewing tough as well.

If this didn't make you realize it, graduation ceremonies around West Central are getting closer and closer.