The Kindersley Chamber of Commerce is always trying to stay busy. 

We checked in with Executive Director Kevin Martin for more on their golf tournament coming up in August. That conversation led to a few different things going on around town such as the return of the trade show next year. 

Those plans are small potatoes compared to organizing the return of Goose Festival year-in-and-year-out.

"Right after that, another month after (the golf tournament) we run into Goose Festival already, so holy cow!" laughed Martin.

The Chamber has lots of business going on between now and then, but as the big day approaches they will hope to catch their breath and be prepared to execute another great September weekend.

"Goose Fest is a really busy time. We have four food trucks committed already, will have the stage set up beside Scotiabank, all the picnic tables out there. One of the food trucks will be set up there for the parade and everything, cause that's a big deal too."

Their main focus is filling up Main Street Kindersley with fun activities, and booking stalls for the annual car show is a good start.

"They have committed so far to have the show, then we are working on more things to come (to Main Street). Hopefully some different things."

With around two months to go and endless phone calls to make, thankfully Martin is somebody who prefers to be 'busy' rather than 'bored'.