Discussed at their latest meeting back on Tuesday, the Downtown Kindersley Association is very happy with the results they saw during this year's Goose Festival.

Main Street in Kindersley is a focal point in town during Goose Festival, as West Central Online got into contact with member of the Downtown Kindersley Association Randy Ervine. Ervine is also the Deputy Mayor for the Town of Kindersley, and he talked about how the 50th annual September event went off without a hitch.

"The combination of the weather number one, and then the huge crowds. A lot of people thought (the crowd) was bigger than they had ever seen and that may be possible," said Ervine, continuing on about the car show, food vendors, and activities for kids throughout the day that all helped amount to the tremendous success seen.

Ervine talked about how the group's involvement other than occupying Downtown consists of things like buying trophies for the car show, organizing the musical entertainment, with the money for that coming from the Association's willing members.

"It goes throughout the year," he said, moving on to what's coming next for the group, "Christmas advertising, hay rides, free movies. All that for the public comes at the expense of the members down here that choose to participate."

Ervine said their membership numbers are pretty strong right now, a good time of year for it. As mentioned Christmas is coming up and the planning from the DKA team isn't about to wait for snow to hit the ground.

"Our next big promo, the two big ones are Goose Festival and Christmas, At our (latest) meeting that was discussed too, just what we will be doing at Christmas."

Check out one of the events already planned:

They meet during the first Tuesday of every month, taking place at noon at the Highway Host on Main Street in Kindersley. It's noted that for anyone who cannot attend, their meetings are available through zoom with information on that available through the following link to their Facebook.