Delisle's Sherry Anderson is likely disappointed to see her teams run at the 2022 World Senior Curling Championships in Geneva, Switzerland come to an end, after they were unable to reach the semi-final round with a loss in their last match against Team USA.

Sherry Anderson and team finished at World Senior Curling Championships

West Central Online spoke with Anderson ahead of the mentioned game that ended the national teams run over in Europe, but Anderson says she was really happy with how everyone seemed to respond after a tough opening game.

"We didn't start very good the first game, or I didn't start very good, but we started to come together."

Team Canada finished pool play with a 5-1 record despite the tough start, and we caught up with Sherry shortly after they wrapped up their final round robin win over Italy. They played a busy schedule early, but there was a lot of downtime because of the amount of men's and women's team sharing the venue for the world event. It's always great to see the teams from all over the world, and see who moves into the senior ranks.

"There are a lot of the same, but there are a fair amount that are different," said Anderson, discussing the different pools of player's countries have to choose from, "At the senior age you sometimes get ones who are just turning 50, and then some countries just don't have a lot of curlers, a lot of choices."

The 13 women's teams featured mostly notable countries when it comes to curling, but on the men's side taking place as well in Geneva, it is great to see nations like New Zealand, Nigeria, and Australia all in competition among the 21 teams in the bracket. The host swiss put on a good show as well for the world stage, and Anderson always appreciates the chance to be on it.

"It's a beautiful city here in Geneva. The weather has been good, and we're having a good time," said Anderson, who's team is sticking around Switzerland "We're actually staying until three days after the competition, tour around and do a little sightseeing."

Taking some recreation time to help relax is a must at this tournament with so much less competition, and different game mechanics like only having one per day, and only playing 8 end games. The skip also noted how the teams they are up against don't all have the same game experience this year compared to Team Anderson.

"Some of the teams aren't used to playing a whole bunch of games very often."

With the team's run ending early this morning back home, many following the team will have the whole day ahead of them to think about it. Team Canada was looking to defend their Senior Women's title, but couldn't make it to the final day of action set for tomorrow. She would have liked to do it for her supporters, just because of the time change aspect making it so tough to follow.

"Its been good, some of the family has been out on social media getting us followers. It's eight hour difference to back home, so some of those games are in the middle of the night."

Despite almost making it to the Scotties this past year, Anderson is now focused solely on her senior team, and will look to wipe the slate clean and enjoy a long offseason ahead of her upcoming commitment to senior curling next year.