After getting to nationals in Vernon, British Columbia, the bowling team of Brandon Markewich, Dorina Mareschal, Bob Lemon, Yvonne Markewich have now returned back to west central Saskatchewan. The team hails from Rosetown and Biggar, and we caught up with coach Jennifer Heimbecker about how things went in Vernon. 

Heimbecker 2

“It worked out great, we pulled together as a team. They came out with better results than I had ever dreamed of. Coached an amazing group from West Sask, specifically, from Rosetown and Biggar. So, it was a really close well knit group from the first time at nationals for both bowlers and the coach at this level to experienced bowlers as well. I'm just proud of my team and how well they stuck together, and we met up with some old friends for some of us, and all of us made some new ones along the way,” Heimbecker said.  

Neither the A nor the B team consisting of the west central players medaled, but Heimbecker was happy with the team’s overall play. 

“The B team didn't fare as well, but as far as I'm concerned, we did great because we were the best in our province to get there and we represented it very well and had fun and that's the most important part,” Heimbecker added. The same was said about the A team, who just missed out on the gold, finishing in third place.  

The team featured members of all ages, and Heimbecker was happy to be given the chance to coach the group. 

“We have bowlers from 29 years old up to 79 in age range, that’s just on our team and it was quite an experience to coach them. I've never coached at the national level so, this was great,” Heimbecker said. 

Heimbecker also made sure to thank all who helped get the bowlers to nationals out in Vernon.  

“I would just like to shout out to the support systems both in and out of the bowling alley in the community and for west central Saskatchewan for supporting our online auction as well,” Heimbecker added. 

As for how things are going at the Biggar and Rosetown bowling alleys, Heimbecker stated things are fairly busy.  

“They have picked up a lot of YBC and they've got two league nights running and then they have two weeks running for YBC as well. Then Rosetown has all their regular ones, they're doing really good as well, obviously COVID hit them a little bit, but we're going to rebuild,” Heimbecker said cheerfully.