Following her most recent action at Senior Women's Open Provincials in Aberdeen, we spoke with Delisle native and accomplished curler Sherry Anderson, who is now currently preparing her team for the 2022 World Senior Championships in Switzerland later this month after winning the Canadian title back in December.

That impressive team features skip Sherry Anderson, third Patty Hersikorn, second Brenda Goertzen, and lead Anita Silvernagle; a quartet that is so stranger to the world scene. They also aren't strangers to each other, going on nearly their 10th season together as a senior team.

This season of curling has been way more back to normal that the past few years, as Anderson has been happy to bring back the post game hugs and handshakes. What will really make curling feel back for Anderson however, is once again playing as Team Canada for the first time in a long time as they attempt to defend their title from back in 2019 as one of three Canadian teams in action.

"The world event is going to be in Geneva, Switzerland, starting on the 23rd of April," said Anderson, "The world men's and women's seniors. The men's team is Wade White out of Edmonton, and they'll be going along with the mixed doubles team of Brent Gallant and Jocelyn Peterman. That's usually on in the same facility or in the same building as the seniors."

Aside from the curling they are very excited to take in the city of Geneva, but the competition side of things is interesting too as they can't wait to see what kind of talent other countries have to offer.

"I'm sure we'll enjoy ourselves again, we look forward to it," she said, "Some of the teams they can just enter and get to the worlds, but we are hoping to see countries like Estonia, and Lativa."

Expect a check-in with Anderson and her team when the 2022 World Senior Championships begin from Geneva in just a few weeks.