A nice story came out of Elrose back on December 22, as three generations of officials took to the ice for a U18 game. We talked to Brian Watson about the special achievement, and he gives a background of officiating before returning last season.  

"I did officiate back in the 70s and 80s for a while doing some lines for the (Eston Sr.) Ramblers and then working a bunch of kids games as well."

Brian then discussed the reasoning behind his return to the ice.  

My son Edward, a couple of years ago, was kind of complaining that they were so busy they didn't have enough officials and they were doing a lot more than they maybe wanted to and had a tough time finding officials. So, I thought if I go and try it and I fall, I'm not going to do it. So, I went to the rink one night in Elrose by myself and didn't fall, so I thought, okay, well, I'll continue.” 

Brian also added the plan for having the three generations on the ice at one time had been in the works for some time.  

“Last year I was hoping we'd could get together as a family group, but it just didn't work out until this year. But it was awesome working with my son and the two grandkids.” 

Three generations of officials in Elrose 2.jpgThe Watson family in the dressing room after the game. Photo submitted by Greg Wells. 
L to R: Colby, Edward, Katie and Brian

Brian was also surprised by just how much interest the public took in the special evening.  

“It's something I thought would be remarkable. I didn't realize how much interest the public would take in it, but thinking back on it, it's probably one of the rare things that happens in sports where there's three generations officiating at the same time, especially in one sport in one game. So. It's kind of amazing that way. It made me feel good, I think the rest of the family felt it was a worthwhile thing too."

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