Two new deaths, 1,392 new positive cases, and 1,111 recoveries were reported on Friday.

26 of the new cases were found in the Central-West zone. They're also located in the Far Northwest (11), Far North-Central (6), Far Northeast (31), Northwest (54), North-Central (95), Northeast (27), Saskatoon (302), South-Central (82), Central-East (116), Regina (330), Southwest (28), Southeast (129) zones and 155 new cases have pending residence information.

12,685 cases are considered active in the province, including 251 in the Central-West zone. Of those 251 cases, 161 are in the Central-West 1 subzone which includes Kindersley and Rosetown. Active cases to the north of us, in the Northwest subzone 3 which include Unity, Wilkie and Scott are at 117. In Northwest subzone 2 which includes Denzil, Macklin and Lloydminster, there are 438 active cases.

342 people are in hospitals, 308 residents are inpatient: of those, 129 inpatient hospitalizations are a COVID-19-related illness, 163 are incidental COVID-19 infections, and 16 have not yet been determined and
34 residents are in ICUs: of those, 26 are for COVID-19-related illnesses, and six (6) are for incidental COVID-19 infections. Two (2) residents are in PICU/NICU: one (1) is for COVID-19-related illnesses, and one (1) is for incidental COVID-19 infection.

The 7-day average of new COVID-19 case numbers was 1,287.