The Sask West Hockey League is held their annual league meeting on September 30, and eight teams will be taking part in the 2021-22 SWHL season. SWHL President Joe Cey shared who will be playing in the league. 

“Macklin, Kindersley, Kerrobert, Wilkie, Biggar, Unity, and then the two up north, which is Edam and Hafford. Luseland has requested a one year leave of absence, and Eatonia is out period, they folded.” 

Cey also said the league will be following in the footsteps of the SJHL, and full vaccination is required to take part in the 2021-22 season. 

“We are following the lead of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League in that; our league will be a totally vaccinated league. Coaches, players, officials, in order to play in our league for the 2021-22 season, full vaccination is required. In layman's terms, if one player on any roster just is unvaccinated, that would require the entire team, and in fact the entire league to play with a mask on. And there's not a lot of 25-year-old guys that want to do that.” 

The schedule begins on the weekend of November 12, as the eight teams will be playing a scaled down regular season, before an extended playoffs, according to Cey. 

“The schedule is going to be a just a home in home with everybody. A little shorter schedule than we're used to having, that's 14 games. We decided that our intentions, if we can get there, is that we'll expand the playoff schedule a little bit to make up for the lack of league games.” 

Except a full Sr. Klippers and SWHL schedule in the coming days.