Another announcement from the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation on Friday morning confirmed more job action for the beginning of next week. The STF release states that 48-hours’ notice has been provided, "ahead of a provincewide withdrawal of extracurricular activities", taking place beginning Monday March 25, and carrying to Thursday, March 28.

While that announcement was for the entire province, only six local teachers’ associations will be undergoing extra job action on Monday. The Tri-West Teachers' Association was on the list, meaning all schools in the Living Sky School Division will be affected on Monday.

“For weeks we have made it clear that job action would escalate if government continued its refusal to negotiate or agree to binding arbitration on class size and complexity – the issue that is most important to teachers,” says STF President Samantha Becotte. “The withdrawal of extracurricular activities during the four days leading up to spring break demonstrates that teachers remain steadfast in their call for sustainable funding for prekindergarten to Grade 12 education.”

Withdrawing from extracurricular support means the organization, supervision or facilitation of activities is not allowed, including athletics, non-curricular arts, field trips, student travel, graduation preparations, school clubs and other activities. 

“We know the importance of extracurricular activities in the lives of both students and teachers; teachers do not want to see the cancellation of events and experiences that are meaningful to students. Government’s unwillingness to compromise leaves us no other options when it comes to negotiating a contract that provides predictable, ongoing supports for students and schools, and recognizes the important role played by teachers,” Becotte says.

The full STF release can be found here. Becotte is set to speak to the media Friday.

"This is the longest-ever job action by Saskatchewan teachers, but we would halt sanctions immediately if government would either agree to binding arbitration on the single issue of class size and complexity or provide the Government-Trustee Bargaining Committee with a mandate that includes that issue.”