A new mobile app, called 'Saskatchewan Master Angler Program' has been released by the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF).  

The app features a wealth of information and resources for provincial anglers to use says Darrell Crabbe, the Executive Director of the SWF.  

“It's probably the most comprehensive app you’ve ever seen when it comes to angling. It has everything there about every body of water in Saskatchewan, the types of fish that are in those bodies of water. The ability to register any trophy catches you have; It’s just an outstanding tool for the angling community in Saskatchewan, to be able to access tones of information.”

By registering trophy catches, you can enroll and compete for different prizes. The app also has a fish identifier, you can report catching a tagged fish, it has the provicial anglers guide, and more.  

It also allows you to report issues that may be found around the bodies water in Saskatchewan, including invasive species.  

“There’s an opportunity to recognize some issues; especially about invasive species. People can also submit any other comments they might make about potential fishery projects and issues that they notice while they’re fishing. We could have a look at and see if we can correct those issues that might exist there, and make it a better fishery for our Saskatchewan anglers.” says Crabbe.

Not only is the app great for anglers but it helps the SWF keep track and moderate all the different species of fish, how big their populations are and where these fish are found. 

You can find more information and links to download the app by clicking here.