As described on his Facebook page, Berk Jodoin's song lyrics are as gritty and as real as it gets. The nature of his songwriting is typically very serious, and his last two single releases of "Half Breed" and "Cowboys and Indians" hit that description once again perfectly ahead of the release of his album entitled Half Breed on June 24th.

Jodoin talked about his choice for the title and why it resonates with him personally.

"I'm Metis, so I am part Cree and part European descent. I am a half breed, and the title track of the album is about stepping into both worlds but not really being accepted into either one," he said, "The native society looks at me like I am a white guy, and the white society looks at me like I am native. They both kind of look at me funny, so it was kind of a fine line to walk growing up that's for sure."

Jodoin knows that his music won't make everyone a fan, but he is still very impressed with the reach his songs have been getting. He noted some decent radio play being reported back to him so far, and a look at his social media saw him taking a run at a national contest in attempt to gain exposure. 

His website states that the second single “Cowboys & Indians” illustrates Berk’s perspective on the world today, and he shared those thoughts directly with West Central Online.

"A lot of the stuff is deep and controversial topics," began Jodoin, who understands his music is not what everyday people are looking for, even though that only inspires him to release that type of content more, "The reaction overall has been quite positive. The title of the song couldn't be more politically incorrect at this time, but it's something that's real. We give ourselves a lot of credit as a forward thinking society, but it doesn't take much to show the division amongst us as people. That's pretty much what the song is about."

Jodoin released his first album at the end of 2020, and the one coming out in June could be followed up by one to end the year according to Berk. In talking about the fine process of writing an album he talked about the immense amount of time that needs to be committed. This in both the creative and refinement stage.

Still the long drawn out process is often a rewarding one, as workshopping a song with the band is just as much fun as performing it.

Speaking of performances, Jodoin will actually be on stage the day his album is released at the Jack Pine Music Festival in Big River.

A check-in with the Leader musician will be in store come the fall as he wraps up what should be a very busy summer. You can check out his new single through the preferred link below:

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