We may finally begin to see the clouds break and blue skies stick around as June approaches. As a wet and cooler May ends and we head into June this week, you might want to pull out your sunglasses.

After Monday's mixed weather, stable conditions will settle into the West Central region, according to Meteorologist for Environment Canada, Sarah Hoffman.

"As the week progresses, we have a building surface ridge which will stabilize the pattern quite nicely and allow for lots of sunlight to come in and warm up the area and we're looking at pretty close to normal temperatures to end the week. Normal for this time of year is a daytime high of 21 degrees."

There isn't reason to believe any active weather will surface during this week, and if it does it will be minimal, adds Hoffman.

"This week we could see a single thunderstorm somewhere within Alberta and in Saskatchewan, but not too many. It'll be very isolated if they do occur."

Sunshine and seasonal temperatures will remain in the area into next week.