The Leader Community Centre will be home to some great music just over one week into the new year, as local musician Berk Jodoin will be on stage with a full band for a performance on January 8th, 2022.

The event will take place on the Saturday night beginning at 7:30 pm, and Berk is excited to be able to share his latest work, especially with the fact he will be on stage with a full group.

“It’s a full band performance. We are playing every song off both albums, straight off the album so it will be super cool. I haven’t had a chance to do this yet, only had the chance to do acoustic shows so it is really exciting to have a full band,” said Jodoin.

The musician does have experience playing with others, but admitted it’s been a while, as he hasn’t been on stage with a drummer since New Years of 2019. Jodoin has always loved creating music and he mostly stuck to performing in coffee shops versus on the big stage, but the pandemic provided a great chance for him to become more original.

“Right before COVID I started recording, and then COVID just continued and I kept recording, so now I have two full albums. My band is just a lot of the guys I played with before in other places, but now we are just focusing on the original material.”

He is excited to return to an atmosphere where the music can be equally celebrated and enjoyed, and the love goes both ways as Jodoin says that performing on stage is sometimes the best therapy a person can get. Coming off a Saskatchewan Country Music Award is something that has motivated Jodoin to keep going, as his next project is already in the works, though the upcoming concert for a good cause is his main focus.

The Leader District Arts Council commissioned Jodoin for the show this January, and considering the time of the show, he made a special note as part of a contest for tickets and some copies of his work.

“We decided to put on a contest to get your in name in for both albums and a couple of tickets. All you have to do is donate to your local food bank and you’re in for the draw. We are hoping to fill up some food banks with this as well.”

In speaking with his wife the two of them figured pairing the show with a good deed would be a great theme towards the show, and not just because of the tough times with COVID, but just because it’s the holiday season.

The show goes on January 8th and the contest information is available through the above Facebook page. The Leader resident is excited to perform in his hometown, a show that will hopefully kick-start some more future on-stage plans for Berk Jodoin and his upcoming work.