Between June 12th and September 20th 2015; 34 Canadian Residents have been infected with Salmonella Poisoning, eight were hospitalized, however all of them have or are recovering in hospital with no deaths being reported at this time.

Ontario has seen the most Salmonella cases with 16, Alberta has six, BC and Quebec have three, Saskatchewan and Manitoba with two, while Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have reported one infection each.  

No cases have been reported in the Heartland Health Region.

62 percent of those are females with the average age being 41. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada recipients will start to feel the symptoms anywhere from 6-72 hours after ingesting the bacteria. Symptoms include: Fever, Chill, Diarrhea, Abdominal Cramps, Headache, Nausea and Vomiting. Most people infected are typically fully recovered after a few days, however doctors add that one may be infected and not realize it.

Salmonella is contagious so Doctors recommend staying home if you feel any of the symptoms. As always, wash hands constantly, and cover your cough or sneeze.

The cause of the outbreak is currently under investigation by the PHAC.