Saskatchewan High School Athletics Association (SHSAA) are set to hold their cross country provincials this saturday with the west central area being well represented.

Rosetown will be sending three runners to Saskatoon. Megan Anderson, Meagan Wenzel and Brenna Dolan are all midget girls and will run three kilo metres. (KM)

Eston is sending the third most runners with six. Midget girls Katie Fuller, and Olivia Fox are running the three KM track while Junior Mackenzie Powers, running for her second time in Provincials will be running four KM. Senior Jordana Day is running for her second time as well, she will be running four KM. Riley Lahey, making his first appearance in the championships is running four KM. Senior and Veteran Provincial runner Cole Elaschuk is running for his fourth time and will be traveling six KM.

Dinsmore has one runner going, Midget Tyler Thompson who will be running four KM.

Eatonia is also sending one runner. Senior Kelsey Guidinger, running for her third time in Provincials will be doing the four KM track.

LCBI in Outlook has four that advanced out of districts. Seniors Brynn Kokesch and Andreas Group who are running four and six KM respectively. Two junior runners are going as well in Alison Kemp and Alexander Behenna, running four and five KM.

The two time 2A defending champions, Outlook High School has seven runners going to Cross Country Provincials. Cheyanne Sincennes, Skylar Stephenson, Jen Kendrick, and Nikki Larson are all veteran senior girls, they will be running four KM.  Brandon Veldhoen, a junior, Maria Lammers a midget, and Madi Luedtke, a senior will all head to Saskatoon to try and secure a third straight Cross Country Provincial Banner.

Kindersley is sending the most with eight.  Midgets Andrew Glass, Emily Polsfut, Kathryn Sawatzky, Jocelyn Cannon and Caitlin Elliot, Junior Lucas Gust and Senior Mathew Dobbin will all be running in Provincials for the first time. These seven Kobras will rely on Mathew Dobbin for advice on what to expect and how to prepare for Saturday's run. Dobbin is the only member from Kindersley that has competed in the past.

Biggar is also sending runners to the meet, however names are not available at this time.

The 2015 Cross Country Provincials are being held Saturday in Saskatoon at the North End Soccer Center. A track will be set up around the facility and ball diamonds. For more information visit