Rosetown town council had their first meeting of 2024 on Monday. One of the topics out of the latest meeting was a discussion around amending animal bylaws in Rosetown ahead of a meeting on January 23 focused on the community's growing deer population.

When we checked in with Rosetown Chief Administrative Officer Darcy Olson back on January 11, he mentioned that the upcoming meeting is going to be a way for the community to engage on the do's and don'ts when it comes to dealing with the current situation.

At the council level on Monday, recommendations were brought in by the Kindersley based conservation office conducting next week's presentation.

Growing deer population sparks debate in Rosetown

In relation to the deer, Olson explained the amendments made to the Animal Control Bylaw.

"(It was suggested) that we make changes to our bylaw, which would allow a designated person to be able to discharge a firearm in town to do-away with an injured, or hurt animal," said Olson as the amendment could work to prevent an animal from suffering. 

The suggested changes were then presented and passed at council, with some minor changes to wording. Instead of describing the deer (or animal) in question as "a nuisance, and cannot be safely removed from other means", it was altered to say, "is deemed to be a nuisance, and cannot be safely removed by other means."

Long story short, designated individuals will now have the ability to deal with these suffering animals. The next step for council is to pass a resolution naming individuals to fill the role, include the RCMP, and only then will a conservation officer be able register a permit for the chosen people.

"This is just one step in the process."

The amended bylaw will be a big part of the discussion next Tuesday. The conservation officer meeting will run at 7 PM at the Elk's Hall in Rosetown.