The first Committee Meetings of 2024 were held this past Monday in Rosetown. We talked to Rosetown CAO Darcy Olson about some highlights from the meetings. Starting off with the Recreation Committee Meeting there was a discussion about a family columbarium placement at the Rosetown Cemetery.   

“Our present bylaw doesn't address family columbarium's, it's sort of a unique new approach. And so, the committee asked the administration to do some research and to find out how best this could be done. They think it could be quite a popular thing in the future and they just want to be prepared. They certainly think it's a good idea and just want to do it right the first time. So, we're tasked with trying to do some research on it and bring that information back so they can make changes to the cemetery bylaw to allow for this.” 

The other key discussion which came out during the Recreation Committee Meeting also involved the Rosetown Cemetery.  

“The other thing that came up was we received the ground penetrating radar map that shows occupied and unoccupied graves in the cemetery. They are going to use this information to best utilize what's left in the old section of the cemetery. They'll have to decide whether to open that area back up to full burials or to leave it as is, which is strictly for cremations.” 

RST ground penetrating radarLooking at the ground penetrating map, red means a potentially unmarked grave, while blue means a marked grave. The survey was conducted on July 11, 2023. Radar via Town of Rosetown.

Looking at the Protective Services and Public Works Meeting, one of highlights from the meeting was a written warning from Environment and Climate Change Canada about the lagoon. Olson explains this test was done before the lagoon expansion. 

RST Lagoon project 3.jpg Photo of lagoon expansion project back in September of 2023. Photo via Town of Rosetown.

“This was when we only had the undersized second cell. We have now done a huge expansion of that second cell. And it's going to be more treatment, and we do not think we'll have this problem in the future. We've known for quite a while that we were undersized, and we were flagged on it. We have passed these tests in the past, but we were on the edge of it. So, we failed this one and we're looking forward to the expanded lagoon and we won't have to have the concern over this test in the future.” 

Olson also discussed the meeting to be held next Tuesday about the growing deer population in the community. 

“It's an information meeting with a conservation officer who's going to come down and give a little question and answer presentation. Plus, a little spiel on what effective methods people can utilize to keep deer out of their yards and off their shrubbery and stuff like that. And what hasn't worked and what are the do's and don'ts.” 

The meeting will be held at the Rosetown Elks Hall on Tuesday, January 23 at 7:00 pm.  

Next up for the Town of Rosetown is the Town Council Meeting, which will be held next Monday.