Article written by Hannah Wurz

Rosetown is the home of a lovely little lady named Scarlett Adnam. She was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that affects her speech and mobility. A friend of the Adnam’s, Michelle Zacharius, started a GoFundMe to help buy Scarlett a new wheelchair and a new van for their family. 

“The Adnam Family is a very proud family,” said Zacharius, “As Scarlett grows, she needs new equipment such as special seats and wheelchairs. Scarlett also has two older brothers which made the need for a new van greater. I wanted to help them so they wouldn’t have to think about the financial side of things.” 

The ubiquitin-like modifier activating enzyme 5 (UBA5) gene mutation is very rare and less than 25 people have been diagnosed with it. People with UBA5 may suffer from seizures, intellectual disabilities, and poor mobility. Research on UBA5 has been limited and little is known about the long-term affects of the mutation. 

Zacharius explains that their community has been very supportive of Scarlett and the Adnam family. 

“One thing that I find about our community is that everyone is always willing to help out. Scarlett’s father is a teacher and her mother works at a care home so they are always giving back to their hometown. I hope I can help this family achieve their goal.”  

The GoFundMe has raised nearly ten thousand dollars since December 2 out of their fifty-thousand-dollar goal. You can find a link to their GoFundMe by clicking here.