Written by Tara Garcia

A new poll released by CAA shows that Canadian drivers see aggressive driving as a serious threat to their safety on the road.

Director of Communications for CAA, Christine Niemczyk provides some insight into the recent poll.

"So it's a national poll that we've done and we did include Saskatchewan respondents in the poll. The poll took place late November/early December and what we found is that aggressive driving continues to be a serious threat to the safety of all road users and that's surpassing impaired and distracted driving."

Canadians were asked to report what driving behaviors they saw as a serious threat to their safety as Niemczyk explains.

"We do have a top ten serious threats and those are people driving after drinking alcohol, people driving after using illegal drugs, drivers running red lights, people using phones while driving, driving aggressivly, sleepy drivers, drivers speeding on residential streets."

Other serious threats included people driving after using cannabis, drivers speeding on freeways, drivers engaging with in car technology and people driving after taking prescription drugs.

In the same CAA survey, Canadians admitted to having done at least one distracting activity while driving.Transport Canada's latests numbers reveal that distracted drivers are at fault in more than 1 in 5 fatal collisions surpassing impaired driving.