The story of the resilience and toughness of Robyn Silvernagle's son Kolt has been well documented, and West Central Online talked to Silvernagle about the challenging times their family faced. 

“It's been quite the journey. When Kolt was born, he was born pretty ill and needed a few surgeries, so he ended up spending, I figured it would actually, it was 304 days in the hospital from the time he was born, until we got to have him home, which has been about a month.” 

“It was a lot of trying hard times. [Kolt] ended up with eight surgeries and crazy complications along the way, so it was definitely a difficult time, but he's a strong little fighter and we just were right beside him fighting along with him.” 

The thought of curling was certainly secondary to Robyn. 

“I didn't know if curling would even happen at all this year, just based on [Kolt], being at home now and he's a lot more to take care of then just a healthy child, so he's a lot of extra work and he can't just leave him with anybody. But thankfully the grandparents have stepped up and allowed me to curl a little bit this year, it’s definitely not what a normal curling schedule would look.” 

Team Silvernagle marched on, and with a couple of new additions to the team, took home the 2023 Viterra Scotties provincial championship. This one was extra special for Silvernagle, due to the challenging year or so.  

Robyn, Kolt and Chad 2.jpg (L to R) Robyn, Kolt, and Chad 

West Central Online will have more on Silvernagle’s provincial curling championship, in the coming days.