The Purple Pansies for Pancreatic Cancer fundraiser is back in the west central region, after a great year of raising funds (and awareness) in 2022. 3000 four packs were sold last year alone, and over $11,000 went to Pancreatic Cancer Canada. 

For anyone wanting to get their hands on a four pack or more of the beautiful flowers this year, Eston's Pam Kosolofski is the one to contact.

"They can call me at 306-463-8362, or my home phone at 306-962-4491 in Eston." started Kosolofski, who shared the price attached to the flowers coming from Oyen Greenhouses, "$6 a four pack. $72 for a flat of twelve. They are awesome flowers."

They have more pansies than in the past, so more orders before next week's pickup date would be great.

Pansies Poster 2023 1.jpg Kindersley information

(Posters via Pam Kosolofski) 

Pansies Poster 2023 2.jpg Eston information 

Kosolofski will be responsible for next week's pickup in Kindersley. It's a wide ranging west central operation with pickup dates spread across next week May 18 and 19. Danielle in Rosetown, Lisa in Elrose, Betty in Saskatoon, Cora in Eatonia, and Kosolofski's daughter coming from Alberta will join Pam who's slated for around Eston as part of the impressively coordinated team. 

"Eatonia picks up on (May 18), and I pick up Eston and Kindersley on the (same day) and deliver them to those two places. Rosetown meets me in Kindersley, and they take theirs off to Rosetown. Then the next day I go to Elrose and drop theirs off and they give them out." said Kosolofski, who wasn't done there as the pansies will be doing their fair share of travel.

"Meet my friend in Rosetown from Saskatoon, and my daughter is getting them for the Airdrie area this week. It's busy."

2022 purple pansies 6.jpg Kosolofski was recognized for her efforts just last year (Photo via Pancreatic Cancer Canada/Previous photo gallery)

Moving these flowers is near and dear to Kosolofski's heart after her husband passed away about 12 years ago.

After sharing her story with us last year at this time, and coming back once again this spring, raising awareness around the topic of pancreatic cancer is clearly a personal mission for Kosolofski.

"I didn't even know there was any such thing as pancreatic cancer until he got it. Then all of the sudden it was too late. We got to get it out there that people have to be aware of it."

At the least people should know that purple is the official cover for pancreatic cancer awareness. Kosolofski went from there and reached out to secure some purple pansies, and the rest is history as people around west central Saskatchewan look forward to their spring flowers.