After holding its Purple Pansies for Pancreatic Cancer fundraiser in late May, Pam Kosolofski, along with other greenhouses in the West Central region, managed to raise a substantial amount for Pancreatic Cancer Canada. Kosolofski talks about how much work went into the fundraiser, and how much was raised. 

“It was a busy, busy time with three days of delivering and making sure everybody got their pansies, and the weather cooperated, which was awesome and I had so many good volunteers. It went really well, we made $11,241.00 so, I sent that in to pancreatic Cancer Canada and that's including donations from people as well,” Kosolofski said. 

This could not have been done without the hard work of the Oyen Greenhouses, where the purple pansies were planted. In all, 3,000 of the four packs were sold, and Kosolofski personally thanked them and other greenhouses in the region for their hard work.  

“I thank everybody and especially Oyen Greenhouses, the pansies are beautiful, and they're growing very nicely with all this rain,” Kosolofski added.  

Kindersley, Eston and Elrose were three of the pickup spots for the pansies on May 26 and 27.