Producers are busy checking crops for any signs of weed, disease or insect pressure.

Provincial Insect Specialist Scott Hartley says there have been some reports of Pea Leaf Weevils feeding in the southwest:

"If you do have to spray prior to six-node," he said. "If you're up to six node and beyond, the plants can sustain the damage."

The Pea Leaf Weevil damage is being found in the southwest half way to Moose Jaw, around the Herbert area and north to the South Saskatchewan River.

Canola growers will also be watching their fields for any problems with Diamondback moths. The adults are carried up on winds from the southern U-S each spring with the females laying eggs.

"Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Environment have already indicated a couple of favorable trajectories for southern US and Mexico that would have crossed the prairies here in the last period.

It’s the larva that does the damage as it feeds on the flowers, developing pods and stripping bark from the stems and pods.