Time is running out to view the first show of 2024 at the Kerrobert Courtroom Gallery. "Sacred Art" by Tianna Williams began on January 24, and is set to close on March 31. Anyone interested in checking out the exhibit can visit the gallery located inside the historic Kerrobert Courthouse, Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

A reception for the show was held back during it's first day in January. Tracey Cholin, chairperson of the Kerrobert Courtroom Gallery, talked about the reception both literally, and figuratively.

"What she has done is produce a series of paintings that are based on religious saints. Some of them you may know, lots of them I didn't know, but it's a beautifully well-done show." said Cholin, before moving onto the reception event itself. "We had quite a few people come out, because Tianna lived in Tramping Lake for a short-period of time. There were local people that knew her, even though she doesn't live there anymore."

The gallery tries to be as creative as possible when selecting their next show. Art is a way to entice people out of the house, and having a local connection certainly helps in a place like Kerrobert.

"It was very well received, she had a lot of people come down from Tramping Lake that hadn't been at the gallery before, so they were impressed with the show, and the space we have there."

Cholin shared that they are always trying to target a new audience. It's unique to have a rotating art-show in small-town Saskatchewan, as Cholin described their operation as a 'hidden gem".

"Even the artists, when they come out to bring their work for a show, if they haven't been in the space before, say they are from outside the community, they are very surprised at the space we have," described Cholin. "How well lit it is. How much character there is in the building. That has always been a selling point for us, getting people in the door, and then they are interested in coming back."

The response from artists themselves have been just as great to hear. The small-town gallery shouldn't have any trouble attracting future shows.

"Lots of people from Saskatoon, or from other cities, they are amazed that we have such a large space. It's just a great place to display their work, (the artists) say there isn't really comparable things in the city. Lots of the galleries in the city are smaller."

Anyone checking out the Kerrobert Courtroom Gallery should know the activities aren't limited to art. The building also houses the library, and museum.

"It's kind of billed as a cultural centre. Your one-stop-shop, and there's lots of things to see in there."

Check out the poster below for everything you need to know prior to the current exhibit closing on March 31.

KCG Poster.jpg (via Kerrobert Courtoom Gallery on Facebook)