With the calendar set to flip to the month of April, the discussion of upcoming projects was at the forefront of the latest Recreation, Public Works and Council meetings for the Town of Rosetown. 

Also of note, was the budget being passed at the March 20, 2023, Town Council Meeting, which led to the discussion of projects to be done in 2023.  

Rosetown CAO Darcy Olson talks about the main projects in the works. 

“Two of the major projects were the addition to the lagoon of an additional cell. And on that note, at that same meeting, they accepted the tender of Acadia construction for constructing that additional cell. Also, the other project we are working on is a new ice plant in the arena.” 

The paving projects talked about the last time we talked are also in the works. 

“We've proposed two paving projects. First is 2nd Ave. from Hwy. 4 to 1st St. West and then 6th Ave. from 2nd St. to Young St. And because they're local improvement, we have a process that we must go through. It allows all the homeowners and the property owners in the area to petition process and we're just waiting that time frame out. So far, we have not received any petitions, but we'll see if there are any petitions. And then if there is none, then we'll proceed with tendering it and getting the work done.” 

There is also a special motorcycle Ride for Dad coming in the community in June in the arena parking lot.  

“We have the motorcycle ride for Dad that's going to be going through our community this year. I believe it's in June and they're going to stop here at our arena and use the parking lot there to park their bikes. And then of course we have the facilities there and I think they're also going to have a meal,” Olson added. 

Expect more updates on the paving projects in the Town of Rosetown as the weather begins to warm up in the area.