Let the fun begin. Travis Darling will fill a position within the community of Elrose that was empty for a while. His role has actually expanded now from previous Rec Director's roles of responsibility. He will be the director of promotions, culture and recreation within the community, and he'll oversee the Uniplex, Regional Park and Scout Hut. 

He found conditions in Elrose to be favourable, and likes the rink.

"I've been throroughly impressed with the community. What they provide in the community, given the size and limitations, it's very impessive. Both the people and the facility itself."

The first Elrose Arena was built in 1947. It succumbed to fire in the summer of 1974. Only 7 days later a plan was put in place to rebuild, and the hockey and curling surfaces were being used by 1976. The building was complete with a grand opening December 1st 1979.

Perhaps the most notable event put on by the Town's Rec Board is their annual sports/goods & services auction. In 2020 and 2021 it moved to an online auction, but regardless of whether it's in person or online it never fails to impress with high priced baking, and craft items. It's not the only fundraiser for the Uniplex, but it shows how much the rink means to the people of Elrose and the surrounding R.M. of Monet.

The Director position was posted on September 16th of this year.