After one more hot afternoon, it looks like some cooler weather is heading into the region starting Tuesday. A weather system is the main cause for the cool down, as Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang explains.   

“It is going to be cooling off because we do have a weather system going through northern Saskatchewan right now on route for northern Manitoba right now, we will see those winds snap around later today to more northwesterly. We know that's a cold wind. So, we'll see a big push of cold air, and that cold air will be with us for a while into the foreseeable future.” 

Lang explains when the expected precipitation will be coming to the region.  

“It will move into southwestern Saskatchewan on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The west-central area will just be on the northern edge of that if it sneaks up a little bit further north, then there will be some snow. So, the further south you go, the more chance that you'll get into some decent snow.” 

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