Biggar RCMP have been dealing with a string of thefts looking at their most recent report. The list for April 29 included three different examples of stolen property around the Biggar area.

Rurally, police were alerted to a few property thefts after "various small items" were taken from yards and sheds inside the RM's of Eagle Creek and Glenside, with trespassing also noticed at a cabin near the Maymont Bridge. In Biggar, police learned that a set of Super Swamper tires were stolen from the back of a truck in town.

Another theft in town was concerning to SaskEnergy. For the second time, they reported a theft of utility after noticing gas was being stolen at a property on 8 Avenue East in Biggar.

Sgt. Dereck Crozier confirmed that it would not be happening for a third time.

"It is safe to say there won’t be a third time after call was later received to keep the peace during a landlord tenant eviction."

Sgt. Crozier also chimed in on reports made of a 17-year-old rushing to school in their black truck, narrowly missing a mother and their two-year-old in the nearby crosswalk.

"This should be a reminder to motorists that along with yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks, the pedestrian must also be fully out of the crosswalk before vehicles are allowed to proceed through."

Staying in Town of Biggar limits, complaints were made of a semi using their engine brakes in town, and police also received a few reports of loud mufflers.

A series of mischief complaints came from down the road in Perdue, as a concerned resident reported that a group of "maniacal" youth were intoxicated and causing trouble at the school in Perdue. The group was reportedly trying to light a fire, along with rolling down the hill and climbing on the school roof. Thankfully about 15 minutes after the report, a sober friend took hold of the group and removed them from the mischievous situation.

Along Highway #14 near Perdue there were two suspicious males on their bikes with backpacks, though it was quickly discovered that they are working in the area and were just biking into town to get food. A taxi call made to Highway #4 came after a 17-year old biking to Saskatoon cut their journey way short. Further reports shared the individual was biking in the dark, leading police to deliver the individual home to figure out a better option.

Other calls for the Biggar detachment during the week included multiple calls concerning an abandoned Ford Escort near Arlee, found to be registered and not stolen. Another individual coming from Alberta almost had to abandon their vehicle, after following their GPS to a summer road, covered in mud and snow.

"Only an Albertan would believe Saskatchewan roads are that bad," said Sgt. Crozier having some fun. "Thanks for visiting and supporting the local towing service." 

There were 40 total calls to service for the local detachment during the week.