The Biggar RCMP report for April 22 was headlined by a pair of unsurprising calls. Sticking out on the list were two reports regarding drivers under the influence of marijuana, those patrols likely taking place in-and-around April 20.

The first call resulted in a 55-year-old driver getting a three day license suspension for operating a vehicle under the influence of marijuana, inside Town of Biggar limits. The other call came on Highway #4 north, as a 20-year-old driver was given a heftier suspension of 60 days after also being found operating a vehicle under the influence.

While those calls headlined the report, the detachment's biggest response during the week came after them and the local fire department helped deal with a pick-up truck that rolled into the ditch on Highway #14. Ice and snow played a factor in the collision, things now hopefully clear for the year, as another call out saw members dealing with a jack-knifed semi that was blocking traffic on Highway #14. 

"A big thanks to all our fire department volunteers that assisted with traffic control until the heavy hauler was able to respond out of Saskatoon."

Community reporting saw members responding to complaints of vehicle speeds on 3 Avenue East. With a park in that area, residents would like drivers to be more aware of the park as more people start spending time in the green space. Residents are also asking for more awareness from pet owners, giving a friendly reminder to use the dog park, instead of letting dogs run free in public areas. 

The detachment had a total of 30 calls to service during the week. Coming off what was another busy report last week, read about another highway incident below that unfortunately led to the demise of a litter of small pigs.