The province’s Agriculture Minister is off to the United States for five days. David Marit will be visiting Denver and Minneapolis to promote Saskatchewan’s ag sector at a number of events. He will also talk about investment and collaborative opportunities in the province’s value-added sector. 

Marit will also be speaking at the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association annual convention in Colorado Springs on Tuesday.  

"The United States is Saskatchewan's top agri-food export market and it makes sense to work together on matters of mutual interest for our agriculture and food industries, including sustainability and the Canada-United States-Mexico-Agreement," Marit said. "This mission will allow us to meet with a number of our long-standing American partners and help us to showcase the world-leading agricultural practices used here in Saskatchewan that support our shared goals of meeting the challenge of global food security. We are committed to enhancing our existing relationships and forging new ones with our American stakeholders." 

Agri-food exports to the United States from Saskatchewan were valued at more than $4.3 billion dollars last year, and the provincial government wants to increase those numbers to help them meet goals outlined in their 2030 Growth Plan released in 2020.