The Kindersley Wildlife Federation will host it’s annual banquet tomorrow at the Elks Hall to raise funds for future projects.  

KWF member Brooke Kachmarski outlines where the focus of the proceeds will go towards. 

“They help with community projects out at the walking trail and the dam that pertain directly to wildlife. More or less, stocking of fish at the Motherwell Dam, maintenance at our local gun range to try to keep things functional and up to date out there. We try to keep the projects local to Kindersley and to wildlife conservation.” 

Kachmarski further details how almost every penny is directed back into the community. 

“99% of our projects are local to Kindersley for our surrounding community and local people so that everybody can get out and enjoy nature.” 

Attendees at this year's banquet will be treated to a supper and a program consisting of a silent auction, cash bar and door prizes, Kachmarski adds. 

“There's anything there from outdoor living deck furniture decor right up to four guns that are going to be raffled off. There's a broad spectrum of anything a person wants.” 

The KWF continues to provide many services which includes Saskatchewan Hunter’s Education courses. Details for the next upcoming classes are listed below. 

KWF Hunter SafetyPhoto via KWF Facebook Page.

KWF banquet