The three ferries along the South Saskatchewan River that serve west-central are officially open for the season, according to the Highway Hotline. Lemsford, Lancer, and Estuary are the three closest in proximity to west-central, joining the Riverhurst Ferry way across the region (that is not expected to open until June).

The Estuary Ferry was the first of the three to get going for the season, commencing operations back on April 26. The ferry is operational from 7 AM to midnight, with a weight restriction of 10,000 kg's. It's located north of Estuary, and is the western most ferry in Saskatchewan, transporting about 8,000 cars and trucks each year.

The Lemsford Ferry officially opened on April 28. The crossing is open for normal operations also between 7 AM and midnight, reading a weight limit of 18000 kg's. The Highway Hotlines figures for Lemsford shows the crossing transports about 10,000 vehicles each year.

Finally, the Lancer Ferry began it's season of work on April 30. Also open between 7 AM and midnight, Tuesday marked the start of the work calendar for the crossing sandwiched between Highways 30 and 32. The Lemsford and Lancer locations are located about a 50 minute drive apart, giving west-central residents a pair of options to cross depending on where they are. 

The only ferries in the province not currently operational are the Cecil Ferry, Fenton Ferry, and Weldon Ferry, joining the Riverhurst Ferry, and also the Wollaston Lake Barge.