The Ministry of Highways has given a timetable on the Riverhurst Ferry's viability for the start of summer. The important crossing in the Lake Diefenbaker area is still in need of some work after an inspection halted their season early last year, and it looks like operations won't begin until at least the end of June of this year.

The Ministry provided the following statement back on Tuesday.

"Opening of the Riverhurst Ferry will be delayed this year," the release began. "Typically, the ferry begins operation in early spring. Last fall, the ferry underwent a Transport Canada inspection. Repairs have been ordered to ensure the ferry can continue to operate safely,"

People who frequently use the crossing will need to make other plans as the ice completely clears. Transporting nearly 30,000 vehicles each season, the vessel typically operates from May to December.

"As these repairs will take time to complete, the Riverhurst Ferry is not expected to be operational until the end of June." it continued. "We are releasing this information now so ferry users can plan ahead to adjust their travel routes. Thank you for your understanding as we work to provide safe and reliable service to the people of Saskatchewan."

More seasonal updates on Saskatchewan ferry's, including locally at Lancer, Lemsford, and Estuary, should be on the way from the government soon.