Kindersley Kobras football players, parents, and coaches converged in Kindersley on Saturday to raise money for the program. 

After the Kobras finished celebrating their Friday road victory over the Eatonia Spartans, they returned to Kindersley with a full day of work ahead of them on Saturday. Volunteers met at the JettCo shop and began canvassing town for recycling donations around 10:00 AM.

Countless loads like the one pictured below made for a busy day of sorting and separating. Donations came in by the truckload and filled up at least two enclosed trailers by the end of the day.

Kobras Bottle Drive 4.jpg A local grocery store came through for a big donation of bottles and cans

A few bags were clearly marked for Kobras football. Others had to be scrounged together as the team went door-to-door to gather as many donations as possible. The final haul, worth possibly around $500, came from one trip alone to a "shed" about 15 minutes out of town that required a convoy by the end.

Kobras Bottle Drive 3.jpg Members of the team relaxing after many trips around Kindersley

Those who dedicated nearly eight hours of their Saturday to the team were happy to help. The bottle drive fundraiser has helped out tremendously with their finances in the past, as last year brought in somewhere around $3500.

A look at the final haul has the team believing that 2023's total will likely meet or exceed last year's dollar amount, to be determined after the SARCAN appointment Tuesday morning.

Kobras Bottle Drive 2.jpg Pizza and pop helped sweeten the deal as players got to work the morning after gameday

The Kobras football team and parent's organization have the community to thank every year for this noticeable donation. It was another amazing year with the estimated $3500 and $4000 expected from this year's bottle drive.

The day after a game might be tough on a players body, but there's no better way to recover than being right back with the squad.

Kobras Bottle Drive 1_0.jpg

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