"Kindersley RCMP advises residents and travelers in the downtown area of Kindersley the situation has been resolved. Police officers successfully apprehended the suspect without incident. No one was injured. The roads are in the process of being reopened.

Kindersley RCMP would like to thank the population of Kindersley for cooperating with police officers and thank their local partners, the Rosetown Traffic Services and the Town of Kindersley, for helping police resolve the situation safely."

That was the update provided by Kindersley RCMP at 10:20 am, as the situation on Main Street this morning was resolved without seemingly any issues. Police presence did increase through the morning, after members first arrived on scene during the very early morning hours of Friday, February 18th.

In speaking with Staff Sergeant Kevin Peterson of the Kindersley RCMP, he cleared up some of the happenings from this morning's event that had the town interested.

"Earlier this morning, Kindersley RCMP had a call of a robbery, that further investigation revealed that the suspect was in the Kindersley area. We investigated that, and we ended up having to do containments to deal with the potential suspect involved." explained Peterson, who provided a timeline as well as some thanks, "It turned into a longer ordeal than we had planned on, but fortunately we were able to get the suspect into custody without incident, and without injury to anybody. We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding for having to close that area down for a bit. It was certainly a dynamic situation for a while but we got everything dealt with safely, and everybody was very cooperative so that was much appreciated."

Peterson also offered some extra props to the local Town of Kindersley staff involved for acting so quickly.

"I phoned the town after hours, around 3:00 am, and I thought it would be a bit of time but I think they had everything blocked within 10 minutes? That's fantastic and seems like a little thing, but they did a great job blocking everything off."

The extra help with traffic control was much needed as members focused on the task at hand, and more information from the RCMP is expected soon out of the recent arrest.

Meanwhile, local police were also looking for answers when it comes to the theft of a catalytic converter, and Peterson said that there has been a ton of response so far even after the surveillance picture was only posted up yesterday.

"Usually we don't get much, but I think we have got 4-5 already. The pictures always help."

Local members always appreciate any amount of help they can get from the public, leading Peterson to remind Kindersley residents about their ability to report crime online.