UPDATE: 10:20 am 

Kindersley RCMP advises residents and travellers in the downtown area of Kindersley the situation has been resolved. Police officers successfully apprehended the suspect without incident. No one was injured. The roads are in the process of being reopened.

Kindersley RCMP would like to thank the population of Kindersley for cooperating with police officers and thank their local partners, the Rosetown Traffic Services and the Town of Kindersley, for helping police resolve the situation safely.

Original Article:

Police presence has increased and the situation is still ongoing this morning. Vehicles within the barricade are being allowed to leave along Railway Avenue where the heaviest police presence is, but through traffic is being turned back.

Police Presence in Kindersley

Below is the story as originally written.

Police in Kindersley have at least four vehicles surrounding the 110th block of Main Street with barricades and police tape barring any passing traffic on either side of the block, along with parts of 1st Avenue and Railway Avenue blocked off as well.

According to a release from the Kindersley RCMP released at 5:30am this morning, there is potentially an armed and barricaded apartment building right on Main Street. Additional RCMP resources are en route, and the amount of time the RCMP will be on scene is yet to be determined.

Police have been on the scene since at least midnight and are asking the public to stay away from the area at the time being. Details are still scarce, but the situation doesn't seem dangerous to the public at the moment.

More details to come.