A new way to wellness is available in the West Central region, the first of its kind in Saskatchewan. 

Harmonic Egg Kindersley just recently opened their website in time to participate in some Mother's Day giveaways, though no grand opening or official launch event date has been set.

Kindersley local Kristina Bosch was eager to take on the new opportunity as the local centre is only currently open for appointments, but they are fitting into their space quite nicely on 1st Avenue East in Kindersley in the old Roots and Split Ends building.

"We are the first in our province, with another scheduled for Saskatoon in the summer of 2023." stated Bosch through an email.

The idea for the product was first hatched in the United States, as around 70 exist worldwide, and Bosch possesses the first Canadian made Egg. She was happy to get the chamber imported so early as domestic manufacturing of the egg is starting to pick up, and shared that the hardware in town was actually supposed to be in Saskatoon first before eventually reaching West Central Saskatchewan.

"It was something that I did last fall. I just kind of seen an opportunity and signed up for it. I thought it wasn't going to come till October, so I had lots of time," said Bosch, who seems happy to be wrong, "This was going to be their egg, but then they postponed. She asked if I would want it here, so I went from an October 2022 date to April!" 

Harmonic Egg Kindersley 2Quite the piece of technology has arrived in West Central Saskatchewan

The only reason it's in Kindersley is because Bosch took a leap of faith, and she hopes the community and surrounding area responds well to the new practice in town. There is a vetting process for new operators, and Bosch is proud to say she made the cut.

"I guess I passed!" laughed Bosch.

As found on the website, what the product does is utilize a capsule design to create a resonant chamber that uses sound and light waves to rebalance the body, using frequencies and vibration emanating from music and light within the space to guide a person to a state of relaxation. Since construction was completed in town, they have been testing out the protocols for anyone showing interest through appointments. 

Bosch said its tricky to describe just how everything works, because it is more of a reactionary experience that could be different for everyone.

"Some people don't want to hear about bio-energy," said Bosch about the egg's potential skeptics, "I've told people that it's like a meditation chamber. I know they might not be interested in what it does to their body, but they rather just want a safe space to relax, and de-stress more than anything."

One customer's reaction has her confident it could help anyone.

"One girl came in and was like 'I know it did something, but all I needed was that quiet nap'."

The science behind it can be tough to grasp, but when looking at the effectiveness of something like a sensory deprivation chamber, the results are there. One big difference between the two is that Bosch feels users can "let go" much easier when whisking away in the Harmonic Egg.

"If you are not able to let go, you might not feel that you had any results," she said, "The Egg works with your body regardless of your experience, and your body will still get some sort of reaction, whether you realize it or not."

Nothing is better to her than the smile on a customer's face after emerging from the new health tool that promotes healthy living. Bosch recommends several sessions for full effects, but a few clients have already given their stamp of approval after only one time in the chamber.

Harmonic Egg Sign