Despite new regulations to sell or donate firearms, it will not put a stop to the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation’s (SWF) firearm donation program. 

Through their Guns for Habitat program, anyone who has an unwanted non-restricted firearm can donate it to the organization. 

Once a year, the SWF holds an auction to sell the guns with the money going towards purchasing and protecting wildlife habitats. Those that donate a gun to the cause will receive a charitable receipt for the value of the gun. 

However, beginning May 18, new laws will be in place that will put the onus on the person selling or donating the firearm to make sure the recipient has proper identification as well as a current Possession and Acquisition License (PAL). 

SWF Executive Director Darrell Crabbe clarified that, after May 18, the organization will continue to take gun donations for Guns for Habitat. 

“We are classified as a wholesaler of firearms anyway. So, what we will do is if this occurs, if someone wants to donate their firearm after the 18th then we will be able to go through that process with them and make it as easy as humanly possible,” Crabbe said. 

He added that the SWF is available to help anyone who is unsure about the gun regulations but wants to give to the program. 

“It's just a little more onerous for everybody, but we'll make sure that we do all the legwork for anybody that wants to donate to our program,” Crabbe explained. 

Anyone who has an unwanted firearm and would like to donate it to the Guns for Habitat Program can contact the SWF office at 306-692-8812, or email The SWF will pick up donations anywhere in Saskatchewan.