As the summer rolls on in the West Central region, kids of all ages are taking part in the Kerrobert Pool and Park Program once again.

Recreation Director of Kerrobert Bobbi Hebron said the turnout has been fantastic so far.  

“The Park Program’s going really well. We have consistently over 10 kids coming and most kids are regular, sometimes we'll have up to over 20. Some days are really popular that we have almost too many kids, so it's great, we're really happy with it. We've done some fun things with it so far and we've got lots of local businesses that are helping us out by having our kids there for tours so it's great.” 

Hebron then explained when the Park Program takes place. 

“It runs Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:30 until 3:00. We usually meet at the poolside park shelter. There are certain days where we'll meet inside instead, but we ask that people make sure and check the pool Facebook page because we keep all the information up to date there and it's run by our lifeguards.” Hebron said.  

The Program is sponsored by the Community Initiative Fund, as they got another grant from this year, Hebron added. 

Turning the attention towards the Kerrobert Swimming Pool, Hebron said the hot weather has made it a busy July, but that’s not how the summer started. 

“June was quieter because of the cooler weather and that is the number one indicator of how many kids were going to have come out, it is the heat, so it's been really busy lately.” 

The pool in general continues to get great support from the Kerrobert and surrounding areas. 

“We're really seeing a lot of support from the community, which is really typical in Kerrobert. The Kerrobert Credit Union is sponsoring free swims every Sunday, so anybody who comes out to the pool gets in for free. We always run a toonie Tuesday, so that's the day that people can't get in a little bit cheaper. And we also have had Nutrient Ag Solution, they've jumped on board and this will be their third free swim they're offering this summer and it'll be part of Drowning Prevention Week, so this Thursday will be a free swim. We've also had the Kerrobert Reddi Mart contact us about prizes and they handed out free slushies to all the kids that finished their swimming lessons last week. We've got a lot of things going on that have been great,” Hebron added. 

As for the topic of Drowning Prevention Week, it runs from July 17-23 in the country, and the Kerrobert Swimming Pool held some special contests and demonstrations during the week.  

2022 Kerrobert Drown Prevention Week 1Water safety is crucial for Drowning Prevention Week

“We've got lots of activities where we share information about everyday safety, but also some fun things that are going on. There are activities happening today and Friday, we're going to run a coloring contest, and anybody who participates is going to get a free piece of cake,” Hebron added.