Over the past week Biggar RCMP members responded to 50 different occurrences throughout the area, including, but not limited to calls regarding mischief, landlord disputes, a break and enter, and then police dealt with a pair of calls regarding local disturbances.

Members also received a call closer to the end of the week detailing a pair of thefts in the RM of Eagle Creek and RM of Biggar.

Another report during the week shared word of a late-night visitor that was caught on camera attempting to enter a residence on 4 Avenue in Biggar. After the initial reports this person was located rummaging through others property at the back of McPhee Street, resulting in the arrest of a 46-year-old who was arrested and transported to Royal University Hospital to receive some help.

One call that came in shared a poor parenting decision. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol you should never make an attempt to be behind the wheel, or you could turn out like the 26-year-old from Unity who was arrested with a DUI after erratic driving on Highway 14 near Perdue with her three young children on board inside the suspect vehicle.

Speeding was the thing that stuck out looking at the rest of the report.

Everyday users know that Highway 51 is a rough Saskatchewan highway, and two motorists had themselves in dangerous waters near Springwater being hit with some pretty hefty fines. One driver was caught going 160 km/h which turned into a $1022.00 fine, while the other speed-racer in question were caught only 35 km/h over the posted limit which lead to a fine of only $538.00.

Excessive speeds can be dangerous on any highway. Police shared that another Daytona 500 hopeful was caught speeding along Highway 14 near Biggar at 152 km/h, with that fine coming in at a total of $820.00 for the driver.

Also taking place on Highway 14 was a 19-year-old from Saskatoon rolling their vehicle near Kinley after a situation involving slower traffic attempting to turn left. Seatbelts and airbags were deployed from the collision to help save the driver's life. 

Two more collision's only saw one party involved. One took place with a deer just east of Biggar on Highway 14, and then a separate call noted two cows that had collided with a grain hauler in the RM of Glenside.

During the week there were also eleven other motorists who received tickets for various offences under the Traffic Safety Act, and eight more warnings handed out.