The holiday season is a time most will use to celebrate with friends and family, but for many its also a time of over eating and weight gain.

The National Institute of Health tells us that holiday eating can result in an extra pound or two to your total weight every year.

Jolene Rommelaere, registered dietician with the Cypress Health Region shares some of her tips she gives to clients.

"First of all never go to a party hungry. You will over eat, guarenteed. Remember to eat a small healthy snack before going to a holiday party so you don't overinduldge. My second favorite tip is to be selective. Scan the buffett table before filling your plate, and try to pick one or two holiday treats you really enjoy. My third tip, there's nothing wrong with saying no thank you."

Rommelaere says alcohol can also be an easy trap for calories.

"Wine and all that can add up. There's nothing wrong with having a social cocktail, one or two, definitely if you're drinking and eating you can overcompensate calories that way as well."

Dieticians say skipping meals is also a common faux paus that will lead to excessive eating later.