The Kerrobert Football Association has been raising money for lights for the upcoming fall season, and Association President Don Snell says the fundraising is going good so far.  

“Our fundraising is doing really well. We're well on track for our project and I'm very excited to see the donations that have come in and looking forward to the ones that we hear are coming. Currently we are at about $35,000 that we've raised with our goal being about $110,000 to cover all costs for the project,” Snell said.  

Snell then talked about the great support the project has gotten so far.  

“It's been going fantastic. We've had all kinds of support from lots of our businesses in the Kerrobert and Luseland area. We're starting to see some personal donations coming in too, so that's great. And we're really excited to see some more to come,” Snell added.  

Snell also challenged the Kerrobert Rebels Football Alumni to help out with the project.  

“I wouldn't mind putting a challenge out there to all of our Kerrobert Football Alumni. I know anybody that's played football in the Bishop’s Bowl there, sure enjoyed their time doing that, and anything you guys could do to help us out with that project, we would greatly appreciate it,” Snell said.  

Snell then gave an update on how things look going forward on the project. 

“We have booked SaskPower, they are going to be installing the power to our field early in April. We've also secured and ordered our piles or slugs that we call them and light poles, all of those are ordered and on track for an April delivery and be looking to get them installed. Then we're just looking for the rest of the project, when the money comes in, we can order our lights and hopefully have them installed for our fall football season,” Snell added 

The project could not done it without great sponsorship, and Snell named just a few who have donated so far. 

“A few of our donations that have come in so far is Black Rock, they are a gold sponsor. We've had local businesses, Rev Energy, Glenden OSY Rentals, the Luseland and Dodsland Credit Union, and Shortt Insurance. There's a lot more on the list too, and I wish I could mention them all, I just don't have the list in front of me,” Snell said. 

There were also the Kerrobert Composite School 2021 Grad Class who donated $1000, and Don himself, with is wife Tracy also donated and were matched by matched by Don’s employer Enbridge and Tracy’s employer Nutrien Ag Solutions, they also matched their donation x 1.5. 

Once completed, the permanent lights will enable all three programs using the field to be able to play on the same day.  

You can follow the updates on the project on the Kerrobert Football Association Facebook page.